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Net-Tell LLC Home Phone Service is a Great Deal

March 17, 2018

The only real difference most customers discover when they switch to Net-Tell LLC home phone service, is that the traditional phone company charged them a lot more. This, despite the fact that the only real change is to plug their standard landline phone into their broadband router, instead of a standard phone line. Everything works the same; you dial numbers and talk to everyone the same as you always have, without wasting cell phone minutes or having to constantly charge the phone. With Net-Tell LLC monthly service, customers get unlimited calling with no long distance charge, and they receive free services galore.

For instance, they get Caller ID service for all incoming calls; Caller ID blocking for the calls customers make to others; anonymous call blocking; and many other features. Overall, most who sign up for a Net-Tell LLC home telephone calling plan tend to love the service because it is high quality at a lower price than most local phone companies. Most of them save hundreds of dollars a year.